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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Audiovisual source code. One-no woman-day

As always, the sun comes up and lights up some of the planet. As the day goes by, to the sound of tears, cries, barking and other unidentifiable sounds, time seems to slow down and spaces appear to dilate: women have disappeared from Earth. Nature smiles as humanity appears to be on the verge of breaking down.

What is audiovisual source code?

Audiovisual Source Code is a hybrid that is midway between an audiovisual lecture and a screening with commentary. It is presented in stage format, as a kind of game in which the invitee delves into his or her audiovisual material in order to share a tale on a given theme or area of research.

Atxu Amann

Atxu Amann  (born in Madrid in 1961) is a researcher and teacher at the School of Architecture in UPM, she works in Temperaturas Extremas architecture studio (amann_canovas- maruri) and she is a mother. She is an expert in architectural communication and, in her work as a speaker, she focuses on feminism and animal welfare which she complements with work and research on disruptive education and proposals aimed at expanded domesticity in a care-giving urban environment.

Serafina Amoroso

Serafina Amoroso has a PhD in Architecture and she is an independent researcher whose most recent work has focussed on gender approaches and their relationships with space and education. She participates as a teacher in the Visiting Teacher’s Programme at AA in London (2014). She is Co-organiser of the MORE international congress. Until April 2019, she was an associate professor for Projects at the School of Architecture in the University of Florence.







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