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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Connections: Art and Architecture. The neighbor's project

Fully detached houses are emblematic of a development model in the USA and emblematic of social distinctions. On the basis of this model, José María de Orbe sets up an ironic appropriation of the model, using the city of Buffalo as a case study. In his own words: “In February 2012, I made a trip to visit the towns of upstate New York, USA. After a heavy snowfall that covered the landscape in white, I arrived at the town of Springville, in Erie County.

Observing the houses on the main street, I noticed that unlike European suburbs, in which all the single-family houses are either similar or, at most, with slight variations, in the US, every house is different, probably because of the individualistic spirit of the owners. Nevertheless, I noticed that all the houses were built in accordance with very similar construction criteria. They all seemed to have been cut from the same pattern. I thought that if I were to cut every house in half and attach it to half of the neighbouring house, the result would be a new house in which you could hardly tell the difference between each property”.

​Organser: Fernando Golvano


11-10-2019 / 10-01-2020


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