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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Emilia Benito

Emilia Benito Roldán has an architecture degree from the ETSAM (1991) and she combines her professional work with the teaching and research activities she has been conducting in the School of Architecture of Toledo (UCLM) since 2010. Her interest in representation processes grew from her experience teaching Geometry, Free-Hand Drawing and Composition Elements (2010-2018). PhD in Architecture from the ETSAM (2016), with the thesis La geometría como lenguaje de las formas. Hermann von Baravalle en la HfG de Ulm (Geometry as a language of shapes. Hermann von Baravalle at the Ulm HfG), analysing the contribution of geometry to the design process at Ulm's Hochschule für Gestaltung. She has undertaken several pre-doctoral and post-doctoral stays (2013 to 2018) at the HfG Archive in order to consult the documentation collections and analyse the school's graphic material first hand. She has published several papers related to her research: RITA vol. 4 (2013); MAET nº 2 (2014); Sociedad y Utopía vol. 47, (2015); REIA, vol. 7, (2017) and La Tadeo Dearte, (2018). Visiting professor at the following architecture schools: Fachhochschule Kärnten (2013), Naples (2018), ETSAM (2018).

The Programme is being prepared