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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Loic Geronnez

Loïc Géronnez is a sociologist and economist. For eight years, he has been building up his knowledge of and operational capacity in the real estate sector. In 2008 he took part in a fact-finding trip organised by the United Nations to Burlington, the first Urban Community Land Trust in the United States. Moreover, he was part of the team that founded Community Land Trust Brussels. Armed with this experience, he worked as a specialist for the Brussels Ministry responsible for Urban Renewal. Within the ministry, as well as supporting all matters relating to regional housing policy he supervised the urban renewal policy implemented by the main public real estate operator (Citydev) and redeployed the regional renovation subsidies mechanism.

In supervising Citydev, he oversaw and enhanced the land acquisition policy, coordinated real estate transactions, negotiated the management contract for the government and put in place a series of financial monitoring and project management tools. He formulated the strategic challenges and negotiated the specifications for a number of sustainable neighbourhood projects, the largest two being Tivoli and Kuborn. After taking over as chief of staff for two municipal councillors responsible for territorial and institutional development in the municipality of Forest, he is now working as a senior consultant in the field of territorial development.

Loic Geronnez participates in the UPV/EHU 2019 Summer Courses: 'RE-vivienda: I laboratorio de vivienda en Euskadi'

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