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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Yoshihiko Ito

Tokyo, 1978. He is a permanent professor at the Architecture Department of the Engineering Faculty of Tokai University in Kanagawa, Japan. He earned his degree in architecture from Tokyo University and continued his studies at the Graduate School of Engineering of that university, at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid and at the Department of Art History and Theory of the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has a PhD in Engineering from the University of Tokyo.

His main academic interest has been Early Medieval architecture, construction and visual culture in the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the Kingdom of Leon and Omeyan Cordoba. He is the author of Spanish Early Medieval Architecture: Architecture of the 10th Century Kingdom of León and the Myth of Mozarabism (Chuokoron Bijutsu Shuppan, Tokyo, 2017), as well as other writings. He has also given classes and lectures on Japanese architecture abroad, with titles such as Tokio urbano, 1945-2012. Crecimiento descontrolado, tradición camuflada y arquitectos visionarios (Urban Tokyo, 1945-2012. Uncontrolled growth, camouflaged tradition and visionary architects, [Zaragoza, 2012]), Between Modernity, Universality and National Identity: The Alhambra and Katsura in the Eyes of Modern Architects (Zurich, 2016) or La arquitectura japonesa o el artificio de la naturaleza (Japanese architecture or the artifice of nature, [Girona, 2018]).

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