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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Iñigo Viar

Iñigo Viar (1960). Architect, professor of Architectural Projects at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of San Sebastian (UPV/EHU) and speaker at the conference Science and Exile in the Architecture and Exile section, with a talk entitled Bilbao and Madariaga: links and contrast. 

Awards and outstanding works:

First prize and work of the ideas contest for the Palanetarium of Pamploma, 1990.
First prize and work Europan IV, Restoration Zone Gasometro Florence, 1996
First Prize of the Restoration and new work of the Renaissance building of the Consistorial Houses of Baeza, 2001

Recent awards:

Selected from the ten finalists for the competition of the new Guggenheim museum in Helsinki
Minor of honor in the contest for the Town hall of Sandnes in Norway
Mention of honor in the contest for the Maritime Museum of Tungevägen in Norway, 2015

The Programme is being prepared