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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Diego Matxinbarrena

Diego Matxinbarrena (San Sebastian, 1961) is an artist basically trained in the Arteleku workshops, where he stayed as a resident artist. Some of his noteworthy achievements include the second prize in the Gure Artea painting contest (1987), and individual exhibitions, such as those in the Drum Gallery (2003) or the Koldo Mitxelena Ganbara (2016).

His personal poetics have always been of great interest to architects. After all, he has exhibited in both the Professional Association of Architects (2005) and the School of Architecture (2013), and this year he has collaborated in the Biennial with a mural. Just like architects do, Diego Matxinbarrena builds shapes in space. And everything he draws belongs to the city, since he has always found inspiration from his walks and the shapes of street furniture.

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