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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Donosti al descubierto. Los apóstoles de Bidebieta (The Alza towers)

From October 9th to 30th, the hall of the School of Architecture of the UPV/EHU will host an exhibition of the photographer Jose Apeztegia. The exhibition will be titled DONOSTIA AL DESCUBIERTO. LOS APÓSTOLES DE BIDEBIETA ('Donostia uncovered. The apostles of Bidebieta') and in it Jose Apeztegia will present 6 large-format photographs.

Jose Apeztegia is an osteopath and a photographer. In recent years he has taken photographs on his trips, as it can be seen on his Instagram profile. During last year, he has been taking large-format photos and investigating in the technique to make this type of photography. Now he takes pictures of architecture and now is taking pictures of Donostia. But his approach is not to take the typical photos of the city, but to reveal the hidden Donostia. That is why he brings us this photos of Bidebieta.

On October 9th at 12.30 pm the exhibition will be opened. At the inauguration, the photographer will explain how the camera works to make these types of photographs and will bring a large-format camera with him.

Organiser: ETSA-UPV/EHU


09-10-2019 / 30-10-2019


Monday to Friday:

8:00 - 20:00


The Programme is being prepared