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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Developed for the 2nd Edition of MUGAK, Basque Country International Architecture Biennial, the “Solar K” (K Plot) exhibition is not a historical account, or some reconstruction full of data and explanations of what happened in this particular plot. On the contrary, it is a neutral, visual journey through solutions conceived by a number of architectural teams for the unique features of “Solar K”.

Its installation in the upper lobby of the Kursaal Elkargunea Centre Auditorium coincides with the 20th anniversary of this cultural facility. This is a magnificent space covered by the inclined golden plane of the upper stands, which runs between the glass façade and the wooden wall granting access to the room it serves.

The exhibited material represents 22 of over 140 proposals developed over a 70-year period for the site where this building sits. It is precisely that building where these materials, including level, vertical and 1/500 mock-up reproductions, are exhibited. The set is completed with a mock-up of the erected building, the only one that includes the urban context where it exists.

This exhibition is the result of research efforts by a group of professors and students at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Basque Country, within the framework of the collaboration agreements signed by the Department for the Environment, Land Planning and Housing of the Basque Government with the aim to study, analyse and improve housing, architecture, urban planning and construction in the Basque Country.

  • Main Researcher: Mario Sangalli
  • Research Team: Felipe Aurtenetxe, Ana Azpiri, Diego Rodríguez, Iñigo Viar.
  • Collaborating Students: Paúl Campo, Ander Guerra, Adrián López, Laila Medina

Organiser: ETSA-UPV/EHU

Collaborating: Archivo Peña Ganchegui




23-10-2019 / 08-12-2019


Friday to Sunday:

11:00 - 14:00

*During the acts hold in the Auditorium, the exposition can be visited by the assisting public


The Programme is being prepared