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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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David Rivera Gámez

David Rivera Gámez is a historian, professor in the Composition Department of the Higher School of Architecture of the Technical University of Madrid, with a PhD from the same university and is a professor in the Official Master in Conservation and Restoration of the Architectural Heritage (ETSAM-UPM). He is interested in studying the relationship between cinema and architecture, and he organises university courses and seminars and gives lectures on this topic in different cultural institutions. He is the creator and director of the Teatro Marittimo magazine, which focuses on the analysis of historical and conceptual relationships and exchanges between cinema and architecture. He is the author of the Tabula Rasa. El Movimiento Moderno y la ciudad maquinista en el cine (1960-2000). (Tabula Rasa. The Modern Movement and the machinistic city (1960-2000). He has been the curator in several cycles of conferences on cinema and architecture, organised by entities such as the Fundación Telefónica or Spain's national library. He has been a professor in Madrid's School of Cinema (ECAM). Since 2000, he has been the author of numerous research papers, publications and lectures on modern architectural heritage, its analysis, interpretation and protection. He has published several papers in this field, as well as the books Dios está en los detalles. La restauración de la arquitectura del Movimiento Moderno (God is in the details. The restoration of the Modern Movement architecture, 2012) and La otra arquitectura moderna. Expresionistas, metafísicos y clasicistas (1910-1950) (The other modern architecture. Expressionists, metaphysicists and classicists (1910-1950), 2017).

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